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About New Horizon Research Group

What are Clinical Trials and Clinical Research?

Clinical research is the study of new pharmaceutical therapies or medical devices that are designed to improve the treatment of a specific disease.  When promising new drugs or devices appear, New Horizon Research Group participates in highly specific clinical trials to evaluate these products. Qualified participants will receive study drugs and related testing at no cost and may receive compensation for time and travel.

Our Mission and Vision

VISION – To advance medical developments and treatments through quality research.

MISSION – We are committed to producing accurate and valid data in an effort to facilitate FDA approval and bring new highly effective and efficient treatment options and alternatives to the market by collaborating with research partners and volunteers. We strive to provide excellent, safe, and high-quality care through strong leadership, teamwork, and advocacy to all of our participants and volunteers.

Our team is dedicated to making clinical research an enjoyable and educational experience for all of our participants.  We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service and patient care.  Our study coordinators enjoy spending time with all of our patients and many of our first-time patients decide to enroll in other clinical trials.

New Horizon Research Group is a premier multi-specialty medical research center established in 2021.  New Horizon Research Group participates in a wide range of clinical research studies to evaluate new pharmaceutical therapies and medical devices to improve the treatment of specific diseases. 

New Horizon Research Group has developed a strong reputation for quality medical research, clinical trials, and outstanding patient recruitment performance. New Horizon Research Group’s success can be attributed to our exceptional staff, professional management, and effective patient recruitment tactics. New Horizon Research Group also enjoys a low staff turn-over rate, which contributes to our efficient operations and steady growth. 

Our Core Values

Quality Research

Quality Care

Professional and
 Friendly Staff

3 Convenient Locations

Medical Affiliated Research Center
303 Williams Ave. SW
Suite 512
Huntsville Alabama 35801
(256) 533-6603


North Alabama Research Center
721 West Market Street
Suite B
Athens, AL 35613
(256) 771-9919

Cullman Research Center
909 Graham St.
Suite D
Cullman, AL 35055
(256) 735-4262